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Precaution Solution

DIY Guidelines

Enhanced cleaning procedures should be in place, particularly in communal areas and at touch points including:

  • Taps and washing facilities.
  • Toilet flush and seats down.
  • Door handles and push plates.
  • Hand rails on staircases and corridors.
  • Lift and hoist controls.
  • Machinery and equipment controls.
  • All areas used for eating must be thoroughly cleaned at the end of each break and shift, including chairs, door handles, vending machines and payment devices.
  • Telephone equipment.
  • Keyboards, photocopiers, pens pencils and other office equipment.
  • Covid19 – File is up to date with all documentation and schedules.

Sanitisation Treatment Plan

Have the following in place to ensure that your environment is safe for your staff and clients

  • Shoe Sanitisation stations
  • Hand Sanitisation stations
  • Book Monthly Fogging Sanitisation with us at the most affordable rate as we give discount for monthly contracts
  • We provide all our clients with a compliance certificate as well as MSDS sheets which are required by the Health Department.

Benefits to Sanitisation

Have a safe and sanitised environment for your staff and clients, shows that you care about their wellbeing and safety

  • Chemicals are all SABS, SANS and SASAC certified and approved
  • Chemicals used is 100% Safe and non-toxic
  • No Residue, so no wiping is required after sanitising
  • Quick applications
  • No Business disruption
  • Lasts up to 30 days, provide all the necessary sanitising guidelines are followed

Decontamination Solution

DIY Guidelines

Cleaning all surfaces and increase air circulation

  • Process that removes dirt, dust, large numbers of micro-organisms and the organic matter using detergent and warm water or disposable detergent wipes on all high touch surfaces to reduce this risk of spreading the virus.
  • Increase air circulation in the affected area.

Decontamination Treatment Plan

Book your decontamination disinfectant fogging

  • Decontaminate by using our Fogging application, certified products are used to disinfect the affected areas and by using the correct certified method.
  • On completion of disinfecting we provide our clients with certified certificates as well as MSDS sheets on our certified products that have been used to disinfect your premises.
  • Treatment Plan – Booking monthly sanitisation is critical at this point to ensure that our clients premises remains sanitised and safe.


  • Our fogging solution is a quick and cost-effective way to ensure your establishment or area is sufficiently sanitised.
  • Non-toxic, 100% safe and food grade chemicals are used.
  • Harmless to humans.
  • Effective on all surfaces.
  • Residual killing effect in excess of 30 days.
  • The chemical that we use is SABS, SANS and SASAC approved and all relevant documentation can be provided upon request.

Fogging Application

Fogging Application – SteriBoss can effectively sanitise any environment by using the ULV fogging method. The fog is heated as it emerges from the machine which allows a fine mist-like residue to engulf the surrounding air. The spray plume will rise immediately allowing it to slowly sink as it cools. By utilising the ULV misting process, one can reach all significant areas with ease. The disinfectant product we utilise has been specifically designed for the use of fogging and kills 99.99% of all pathogens..

Why Fogging

  • Fogging is an important hygiene protocol to minimise the control of the microbial load in any environment, including homes, businesses, schools, and public spaces.
  • It is highly effective when combatting and preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus.
  • SteriBoss uses thermal or ULV fogging machines to disperse chemicals into the air, these chemical distribute into every part of the area being treated, including hard to reach spots that traditional cleaning often fails to reach.
  • We recommend a full decontamination treatment on a fortnightly or monthly basis, depending on the traffic in your space.

Product Solution - Be Wise Sanitise – Essential PPE

Sanitation Stands

Strong Robust Design
Includes 1 litre bottle
Available in 2x sizes
Adults, Kiddies
For Prices

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Hand sanitiser

70% Alcohol bases hand
Available in Liquid or Gel
5 Litres, 25 Litres
For Prices

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Cost effective per sachet.
1 x 10g sachets makes 5 litres of disinfectant liquid.
For Prices

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Keeping your environment safe
Strong and durable
Easy to clean
No Mess
For Prices

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alcohol wipes

Idea for offices equipment, classrooms
Convenient size of 100’s
70% Alcohol wipes(100 wipes)
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face shields

High Quality
One size fits all
Padded for comfort
For Prices

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Double ply fabric masks
Washable and reusable
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Room Sanitisation Spray
Equipment Sanitisation Spray
Room DIY Fogger for small areas
Vehicle Sanitisation Spray
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Non-contact Infrared Thermometers
Quick Temp Reading
Accurate Reading
Energy Saving
For Prices

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